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Tips, Tricks, Maintenance

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Long Funnel Funnel-1_640x480.jpg (100606 bytes)

Winter Storage Tip Mouse Control.JPG (53314 bytes) Mouse Control.
    Glue bottle cap to trigger plate. Note: Cut notch for clearance.
    Use sunflower seeds as bait. Will last long time without going bad or loosing "Mouse Appeal"

Oil:     Be careful when using Castrol oil. Some weights have friction modifiers an some do not.   
                                       Photo  Castrol-Oil-Types.jpg (40659 bytes)   is from Castrol GTX

Wheel Removal: Step by Step procedure for front & rear wheel removal. { PDF file }

Mouse Proofing Air Intakes:    MouseProofingAirIntakes.JPG (89351 bytes)  Click thumbnail to enlarge image.
                                                    Wire bent over intake and sealed with J.B. Weld.

Top Shelter Connector Close Up Pictures:   
                         ShelterConn-01.jpg (206514 bytes)   ShelterConn-02.jpg (174373 bytes)   ShelterConn-03.jpg (190677 bytes)   ShelterConn-04.jpg (213543 bytes)   ShelterConn-05.jpg (214730 bytes)   ShelterConn-06.jpg (218807 bytes)

GL1800 Trailer Tiedown:  { PDF file }  To view click HERE.

GL1800 Service Lift Tiedown:
                        GL1800OnLiftTable.JPG (91740 bytes)    Tiedown On Lift Table.JPG (86305 bytes)  LiftTableOutriggers-01.jpg (207667 bytes)    LiftTableOutriggers-02.jpg (201685 bytes)    LiftTableOutriggers-03.jpg (200111 bytes)

Power Connector Quick Mount:
                        Clamp & Pwr Socket.jpg (86939 bytes)   An ordinary electrical cable clamp ( from most electrical supply shops ) 
                        can be used to hold a power socket to a mounting surface. Just select appropriate size and drill mounting hole as required. 

Patching Damaged Plastic:
                         Click on image to see the Instruction (pdf) file.