2011 KLR650
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Here's my KLR. Purchased used, with 389 miles on it. Like all good bikers, I had to add a few personal touches.
As time goes on, I'll add to this page with any new "improvements".  

KLR650 Maintenance pdf File
Rear Wheel Removal
Home Made Tire Holder for Changing Tires 
Home Made Wheel Balancer
Oil Filter Drain Diverter  
 Drive Chain Adjustment

Review of SW Motech Crash Bars, Highway foot rests, Extra turn signal dash lamps, and Gerbing Heated jacket & gloves install & operation.

(more to come)

First addition:   A few items to help me in my exploratory  missions.
                            GPS, L.E.D. Battery gage, Power Socket, Camera case holder, and a thermometer.


(As time went on I found it necessary to modify my auxiliary panel mounting. (Below is the current panel as of July 17, 2019 )

See this pdf file for details


A Tool Bag 

Tool Bag (2-25-13).JPG (247512 bytes)     KLR_Tools.jpg (315247 bytes)

Tool Kit contents:
Screwdriver (ratchet) handle.. 1/4" drive.
            Ratchet handle.. 1/4" drive.
            Sockets..1/4" drive  8mm    10mm    12mm
            27mm box wrench/ w- extender handle.
            Metric Open end wrenches    17 / 19mm    14 / 17mm    12 / 13mm    10 / 12mm
            SAE Open/Box end wrenches    5/8"    5/16"-7/16"    7/16"-1/2"
            Allen wrenches    5mm    6mm
            Front axel allen wrench ( Made from a 5/8" threaded pipe coupler, ground down at one end to fit front axel 14mm hex socket.)
            Other items:
                                Ear Plugs
                                Jack Knives
                                Spare Key
                                Drive chain slack gage... ( Made from cardboard.)
                                Duct tape and wire.

Next I made some saddlebag frames from electrical EMT pipe and some "L" brackets from Home Depot.

R-Saddlebag_Frame(TopBrackets).JPG (273321 bytes)    R-Saddlebag_Frame(FootPegMtg).JPG (273533 bytes)    R-Saddlebag_Frame(FrontBrace).JPG (226503 bytes)    R-Saddlebag_Frame(BagHoldDownPlate).JPG (245898 bytes)    ModifiedSaddlebagHoldDown.jpg (70675 bytes)    KLR_w-Saddlebags.JPG (380416 bytes)  Saddlebag_Locking_Detail.JPG (201739 bytes)
Pix-1                     Pix-2                      Pix-3                      Pix-4                      Pix-5                      Pix-6                       Pix-7

From Left - to - Right:
Pix-1__Top "L" brackets.    Pix-2__Front brace (Foot peg end)    Pix-3__Front brace (Frame end)
    Pix-4__Bag locking bar.    Pix-5__Bag hold down detail.    Pix-6__Bags mounted on bike.
NOTE: (Ref. Pix's 4 & 5)  I later modified the bag hold down to eliminate the rubber straps. (Shown in pix-5). The bags have 2 "eye" hooks that go through the slots in the locking bar. (Shown in pix's 3 & 4) I use locking loops to secure the "eye' hooks to the locking bar. (Shown in Pix-7)

Next I had some foam taken off the rear portion of seat by a local auto upholstery shop.
    ( D & L Auto Interiors, Eliot, ME 03903    Tel. (207) 439-9619 )
    This allowed me to use a seat pad I made for a previous bike that I sold.

SeatModifications.jpg (104183 bytes)        Seat (after Mod)-01.JPG (331184 bytes)        KLR_CustomSeatPad.jpg (332317 bytes)
Pix-1                         Pix-2                          Pix-3

From Left - to - Right:
Pix-1__Top view shows seat marked off to show how much is to be taken off. Bottom view shows seat after modification.
    Pix-2__Seat on bike.    Pix-3__Seat with my custom made pad.
        NOTE: The seat and pad together gives a flatter area to sit on.

For carrying my stuff, I put on a First Gear Onyx tail bag. The bag expands in 3 areas. Top rises about 3" - 4".
   The 2 side pockets expand about 2" - 3".    I can fit my rain gear, 2 sweat shirts, gloves, a pair of "over-pants" and several flat items in the main compartment with out expanding it. The side pockets carry bungee cords, rain cover for the tail bag, and much more.
Lotís of storage capacity.

FirstGearOnyxTailBag.JPG (68850 bytes)        FirstGearOnyxTailBag-(Collapsed).JPG (258168 bytes)        FirstGearOnyxTailBag-(Expanded).JPG (264263 bytes)
Pix-1                         Pix-2                          Pix-3

From Left - to - Right:
Pix-1__The bag        Pix-2__Bag Not Expanded        Pix-3__Bag Expanded

Cure for Wimpy Horns
    After hearing the wimpy sound of the stock KLR horn, I decided to get a better sounding horn.
    Harbor Freight had a pair with relay for just under $10.00... http://www.harborfreight.com/2-piece-12-volt-electric-horn-set-99911.html
    I wired the relay from the battery through a fuse, to the horns. I mounted the horns and relay, under the right side faring.
    I disconnected wires from original horns and wired them to the relay for the new horns.

KLR_Horn_Mod-1.JPG (266821 bytes)        KLR_Horn_Mod-2.JPG (294584 bytes)        KLR_Horn_Mod-3.JPG (276548 bytes)        KLR_Horn_Mod-4.JPG (283060 bytes)
Pix-1                         Pix-2                          Pix-3                          Pix-4

From Left - to - Right:
Pix-1__View of horns (with faring in place)        Pix-2__View of horns (No faring)
    Pix-3__Rear view of mounting area.        Pix-4   __Relay mounting area.( Just inside of horn mounting location )
Click for.....  Horn Test

Bad Boy Horn on KLR650    
                                                     Bad Boy Horn-01.JPG (220061 bytes)
                                                    Click image to enlarge
Removed above Harbor Freight horns, and replaced with a "Big Boy" horn from Harbor Freight... Horn Link Here

Click here for full installation images


Skid Plate
Made from 1/8" aluminum. Plate made to rest directly against bottom of frame to provide a flat surface for motorcycle jack.
    The cutouts allow room for the engine protrusions. (Pix's 1, 2, & 3 )
    Oil drain plug also protrudes below the plate, (Pix-4) so I made a small guide plate that can be removed for oil changes.
    Note that one screw holding the small plate has a nut attached to the inside of skid plate. (Pix-2)
    The other screw on small guide plate is original mounting screw . All 4 skid plate mounting screws attach to original bike mounting nuts.
    The skid plate extends almost to rear shock lower mounting point.(Pix-5)
Click on a thumbnail to enlarge.

SkidPlate1.jpg (170209 bytes)    SkidPlate2.jpg (159274 bytes)    SkidPlate3.jpg (185010 bytes)    SkidPlate4.jpg (198442 bytes)    SkidPlate5.jpg (191576 bytes)
Pix-1                      Pix-2                     Pix-3                      Pix-4                      Pix-5

Temporary Windshield

    I had ordered a Dakar windshield from BajaWorx, but due to some manufacturing problems, it is not available currently.
    I decided to try my hand at mounting an old clamp-on windshield that I had hanging around. The arms and clamps wouldn't fit the KLR,
    so I made some temporary brackets to hold the shield out in front of the stock shield.
    The brackets mount to the same holes as the stock shield using the same screw holes.

    The combination of stock shield and the new one, result in the wind force being moved from just below chin level, to just above the top
    of my helmet. The excessive wind noise is much reduced. More like riding in clean air. It's far enough forward so as not to be a problem
    when I stand up or lean forward.

    Click on a thumbnail to enlarge.

Image01.jpg (279444 bytes)    Image02.jpg (290695 bytes)    Image03.jpg (252137 bytes)    Image04.jpg (285999 bytes)    Image05.jpg (283236 bytes) 

Added WindWings to above windshield....   KLR_Windshield-01.JPG (285098 bytes)    Click Here for more images.
                                                                                                     Click thumbnail to enlarge

Auxiliary Turn & Stop Lights

    Added some extra turn and stop L.E.D. lights to the saddlebag frames. I tapped into the connectors under the seat, and ran the wiring to
connectors positioned under the rear luggage rack. These connectors in turn are wired to the saddlebag frames and to a couple of trailer
    connectors clamped to the back of the light brackets.
    The LED lights have bullet type plugs that plug directly into the trailer connectors. This allows for quick replacement of a burned out light.

    Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

    KLR Aux Lights-01.JPG (284882 bytes)                KLR Aux Lights-02.JPG (254682 bytes)

Dash Turn Indicators

    The KLR only has one dash indicator to tell the rider that a directional is flashing. It's easy to forget and leave the turn signals on which could give erroneous messages to other drivers.
I added a separate left and right lamp to the dash.  ( Click on the image below to see the detailed installation.)

Go Pro Hero 2 Camera mounting

GoPro_Handlebar_Mount.jpg (212587 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Detail Images (pdf file)

Tie-Down Brackets mounted to front fork

Tie-Down_Brackets.jpg (271324 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)

Construction information (pdf file)

Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard Plate

Rear_Brake_Master_Cyl(Before-Shield).JPG (310436 bytes)`Rear_Brake_Master_Cyl(With-Painted-Shield).JPG (313392 bytes)
Before                    After
(Click to Enlarge)

Made from 1/16" Aluminum Sheet stock

SW Motech Crash Bars

SW_Motech_Crash_Bars_&_Skid_Plate-01.JPG (370855 bytes)    SW_Motech_Crash_Bars_&_Skid_Plate-02.JPG (378523 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)

install info  (pdf file)

First Rear Tire Change

1St_New_Rear_Tire.jpg (317837 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
(Click to view pdf file)

Rain Cover
Image03.jpg (181658 bytes)    Image04.jpg (189165 bytes)    Image05.jpg (181672 bytes)    Image06.jpg (193710 bytes)
Cover closed        Cover open           Mounting detail       Latching detail
(Click to Enlarge)

GPS Sun Shield

GPS_SunShield-01.JPG (180785 bytes)    GPS_SunShield-02.JPG (168180 bytes)    GPS_SunShield-03.JPG (169405 bytes)

(Click to Enlarge)

Shield made from soft Plastic sheet.
Stylus is to turn GPS off if it gets hung up. ( Pix #3 )

GoPro Hero 2 Camera mounting

Custom made mounting bracket

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge

GoProMount-01.JPG (220201 bytes)    GoProMount-02.JPG (211486 bytes)    GoProMount-03.JPG (190092 bytes)    GoProMount-04.JPG (183191 bytes)

AirBox Modification

Added shield, and foam to block dust coming up from under rear fender.

See pdf for details.

Results at 1448 miles.

Third Gear Hand Guards

Hand Guard install instructions